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Do I really need title insurance?

Unlike most purchases, paying money for real estate and receiving a deed to the property doesn't guarantee the buyer free and clear title. Once the settlement is final, the buyer is responsible for any valid claims made against his or her property, which means any unsettled matters involving the property and its past owners could become the problem of the new owner.

Image of pen and paper - South Jersey Title Agency - New Jersey Title Search and Title Insurance ServicesTitle Insurance plays a major role in making certain home ownership is safe and secure. The title insurance policy protects against loss due to any defect in title. One of the Insuror's main functions is to conduct a thorough search of the title to the property, reviewing all matters affecting the state of ownership. The search also reveals tax information, rights of ways granted to utilities and any unsatisfied mortgages, judgments & other recorded liens or claims against the property.

Of course, sometimes even the most careful of investigations fails to disclose a title defect. In the event there is a title problem, it's the title company's obligation to provide legal support to help resolve the claim. If a resolution cannot be worked out, having title insurance promises that these problems won't cause a complete loss of title.

Image of house - South Jersey Title Agency - New Jersey Title Search and Title Insurance Services Considering the cost of an average home, title insurance costs very little - typically about 1/2 of 1% the property's purchase price. The premium can cover both the property owner and the lender, and is paid only once, at the closing. Owner's coverage protects the owner and his or her heirs for as long as they own the property, with no additional costs or renewal fees later.

It makes sense to protect such a large investment with title insurance. And it makes sense to get your title insurance from an agency that has been providing title services since 1964: South Jersey Title Agency, the oldest independent title agency in Ocean County and one of the oldest in the state of New Jersey. "Experience ... The Best"

Here are some additional reasons to select South Jersey Title Agency:

  • Fax, Wire Transfer, and Overnight Mail Service when Speed is Essential
  • Obtaining Mortgage Payoffs
  • Filing Notices of Settlement
  • Document Recording
  • Expert Help in Title Problem Resolution
  • Title Insurance from Westcor Land Title Insurance Co.
  • Available in all 21 Counties